I create for women who appreciate beauty and originality

I have lived in Costa Ria for more than 40 years, and its wonderful and exuberant nature has been a constant inspiration for my jewelry creations.

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Soledad Borel is a Chilean artisan who lives in Costa Rica.

For many years, she has designed and made her creations independently at her home workshop. In addition to silver, bronze or copper, and occasionally gold, she uses semi-precious stones and natural materials, such as wood and glass aged by the sea.

The stones, ceramics, metals, fabrics and other “waste” materials combine in an original and harmonic way.

When she lived in Africa, she was interested in the ethnic jewelry and acquired many beads and other gemstones to make her own projects.

In the nineties, she took courses with a jeweler to learn the basics in metallurgy and other goldsmithing techniques.

While applying this knowledge in her first projects, she continued taking several more advanced workshops, for example in mokumé and etching.

The basis of her inspiration comes either from the diverse materials that she collects around Costa Rica and while travelling or from the rich natural and urban landscapes around San José.


And Unique

Several design collections “Leaves from Costa Rica”, “Orchids from Costa Rica” and “Grafiti” are recognized by the “Costa Rica Artesanal” identity artisan design label.

Roble de Sabana Leaf Silver Earrings
Triangle Graffiti hand painted silver pendant
Rebelle Graffiti Hand Painted Silver Pendant

And the “Vulcano Collection” and “Equilibrium Collection” were recognized by the Tourism Institute in Costa Rica as designer crafts.

Leather and Silver Equilibrium Pendant
Friendly with the environment

My creations are made with lead free silver.


Lead Free Silver


Cadmium free silver


Certified silver


Child labor free


Chemical free production


Handcraft certified